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It sure is ↠GRAND↞ Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? What rim(s) did you
These girls are so lucky to have you as their daddy 💕Happy first Father's Day
One year ago we stepped into one of the most stunning places on earth➳Zion National
✧for these children I have prayed✧ These baby girls are growing fast and doing great! They
You guys, I've found the BEST gelato in the world. I mean, I haven't been
One of my favorite smells is the salty air that surrounds the ocean ☼ It instantly
That California skyline 👌🏻 Did you know "La Jolla" means "The Jewel?" In my opinion, it's
Running into the weekend like 🙈 ᚔᚔᚔᚔ This is what happens when your husband is taking your
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