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Kurukshetra thank you for all the love. letsfli #letsfli
I get so excited when I see passionate people who want to do something in #letsfli
Meet the inspirational Kabaadiwala. He inspired me and I am sure you will be inspired #letsfli
kurukshetra rocked, these are the guys who go to the next round. Thank you kurukshetra #letsfli
Met up with his inspiring personality a kabaadi wala who is following his passion in #letsfli
Kurukshetra thank ü for such great hospitality. Lala bhai, Yogesh and Milind, you guys are #letsfli
FLI KURUKSHETRA, you surprise me. Half of delhi is here along with local kurukshetra. Loads #letsfli
Talk about creativity, Yogesh bro love your work bro. Just in cSe you missed the #letsfli
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