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WEEK 13: The Texans come into Nashville which should be a very interesting matchup. The #titanup
WEEK 12: The Titans travel into Lucas oil stadium to face their most hated rival #titanup
Titans sign WR Eric Decker to a 1 year deal per source Adam Schefter! Welcome! #titanup
Marcus Mariota Mix🔥 TitanUp #titanup
WEEK 11: The Titans travel to Heinz field to face the steelers. The steelers, emerging #titanup
WEEK 10: Sorry for the inactivity I was busy for 3 days. But Week 10 #titanup
Idea creds @cardinals universe Pick one QB,RB,TE, and WR from each team. Only use 1 player #titanup
WEEK 9: FYI I didn't post yesterday bc week 8 is out bye week. Ok #titanup
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